*** Bring Robotics Badge Workshops to Your Troop ***

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Girl Scouts Robotics Badge Program 
Our workshops are designed to cover all the badge objectives described in the Girl Scouts booklets for Daisy, Brownie and Junior levels in a fun and educational hands-on experience.

Participants will learn while building real robots (not pretending with cardboard boxes or small Lego kits).

Here is the info about our workshops for individual troops:

  1. Robotics badge workshops are normally on Friday afternoons or Saturday mornings at the regular troop meeting’s location (Approx. 2.5 hrs.)

  2. Flat rate is $220 up to 20-girls.

  3. Our program meets GSUSA curriculum for each group (Daisy, Brownie or Junior)

  4. We provide a RoboThink Certificate, and the Troop provides the 3-badges. 

  5. Sometimes the troop decides to bring food and organizes a "graduation party"

If you're ready for getting the Robotics badge experience for your Troop at your location, we'd be happy to help you to plan the event.
Please contact us via email: robothinkcv@gmail.com or call/text us at 714-452-7281.

On each DAN Cycle kids will be exposed to different projects and areas of learning on the robotics field:

RoboThink is a step-by-step international learning program. All levels accepted. New projects on each cycle.

Our mission is to provide quality STEM education in Robotics and Coding to motivate children to pursue a future in science and technology (especially girls, children from low-income families, and minorities).


*** Bring Robotics Badge Workshops to Your Troop *** (2022-01-03 - 2022-12-31)
Date & Time

January 3, 2022

Start - 3:00 PM Friday

December 30, 2022

End - 6:00 PM US/Pacific

Your School, Library, Church, Neighborhood Site

--Your School, Library, Church, Neighborhood Site--
--Your School, Library, Church, Neighborhood Site--
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Contact us: 714-452-7281 *


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